Gi2C Guide: Fun places in Beijing

hether you want to go shopping, clubbing or play the tourist, Beijing has everything you need for a good time. Grab your wallet and let’s go! First up, we will be showcasing some fun places to go shopping. You cannot call yourself a Beijing expat unless you have been to the Zoo Market. Don’t worry; this is not a food market that sells anything you can find in the real zoo. The Zoo Market is a chaotic clothing and accessories bazaar that sells super cheap items. If you ever wondered Read more [...]

The search for fun partners around the world

Whenever anyone travels around the world they hope to experience it with some fun people or meet someone fun along the way. Of course solo travel has it benefits; you meet locals, go out of your way to speak to people and grow in self confidence. One thing that I have learnt along the way is that meeting fun people from different cultures, countries and backgrounds is simply an amazing experience. The good news is that you don't always have to do this whilst you are travelling! You can now meet Read more [...]

Gaming is More Serious than it looks

We have all grown up playing games at some point in our life. As youngsters we would play games of hide and seek or hopscotch in the school playground, as we get a little older we maybe get our first gaming console and as adults a game of pool or darts down at the local pub. However, there is lot more to gaming than just having fun with your mates. Playing games has all sorts of benefits attached them, these can include learning, creating and even our general wellbeing. This is because when we Read more [...]
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